Are social media people a load of twits

Are social media people a load of twits - Fairlynch Museum

By: Michael Downes
Added: 24 April 2012

Dartmouth Museum: top tweeters

"We're very worthy," says Tim Trent, volunteer at Dartmouth Museum and Devon tweeter extraordinaire. "We're a quite ordinary museum - only three rooms plus a lobby. We've been tweeting only since July last year, but for such a tiny museum we punch well above our weight in social media."

Well, when they can boast of sending out 3,569 tweets - it works out at a daily average of 15-20 tweets - it's perhaps why Dartmouth Museum has 706 followers on Twitter, and growing by the minute. The Royal Albert Memorial Museum's current 3,015 tweet total looks measly by comparison.

"The extraordinary thing now is that we're attracting attention from a lot of heavyweights in the social media scene. It's mad really. But it's getting our museum talked about." And Dartmouth Museum was even nominated for a couple of social media awards. They didn't win, but they never expected to, either. “It's all about brand awareness,” Tim said. “We're pleased to have had folk just hear about us. Next year they may make us part of their holiday plans.”

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