Dartmouth Museum: A great place for kids

Dartmouth Museum: A great place for kids

Open and with loads of room, Dartmouth Museum

Dartmouth Museum is a small, fascinating and interesting museum housed in an atmospheric old merchant's house, built in approximately 1640.

The Museum houses an extensive collection of artefacts, models, paintings and photographs which can help you explore and develop your interests, whether they be in maritime history, the social and economic history of the town of Dartmouth, or the physical changes to the town over the past centuries.

From the moment you walk through the door you will be transported into the past life of this wonderful town, and begin to understand more about the strong link between the people of the town and the sea.

It's a great day out for a wet day or a dry one. Most important, visit our official web site's FUN STUFF to find out more

Resources available

The Henley Trail looks at the work of William Cumming Henley, Dartmouth's self taught scientist, artist, poet, and writer. Henley's life and work is featured in The Henley Collection in Dartmouth Museum. The collection is designed to be not only informative, but also a hands on exhibit, with a table where young and old folk alike can see for themselves the things William Henley studied.

Inside the Museum the Henley Collection itself features hands on microscopes and other scientific tools as used by William Henley. Young and old alike are encouraged to see what he saw, and to experience life in his study

There are quizzes aimed at different age groups to make sure that young people get the most fun out of the museum visit as well as gaining new knowledge

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leaning the ropes at Dartmouth Museum

Facilities available

School visits are arranged by Ali Taylor. Different levels of visit are available to suit the different stages of the curriculum. A school visit should always include The Henley Trail.

Ali Taylor may be contacted via Dartmouth Museum during opening hours on 01803 832923 (if she is not on duty a message will be taken) or by email to dartmouth@devonmuseums.net

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