Our Education Programme

Museum of Fashion and Textiles Totnes

Our museum houses a large collection from the eighteenth century to the present day which is always available for students of fashion, textiles and costume.

There is an associated library, archive, shop and handling collection.

People who wish to use our resources for study should contact the curator Jula Fox on 01803 862857

Resources available

Totnes Fashion Museum Victorian Box

What’s inside the box?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get dressed in the morning in the 1860s? Well inside our box we have everything from nightdress and undergarments to a crinoline dress complete with hoops, shawl, muff and bonnet.

There is illustrated information about the order that the garments should be donned so that you can dress up your own Victorian lady. These are real life-size garments.

There is also a class set of cotton shawls for the girls and neckerchiefs for the boys to help the audience get in the mood along with information, photos and a few artefacts to bring the experience alive.

We are available to come to your school (within reasonable travelling of Totnes) to present “Dressing a Victorian Lady” at an assembly or in a class. (about 30 to 45 mins)

Or you could borrow the box. A small deposit is required in this case

Or better still bring your class to the museum.

Please contact Alison on info@totnesfashionandtextilesmuseum.org.uk

Other resources

Our strengths

Annual themed exhibition

Outreach education programme for schools and adult groups.

Guided tours by arrangement.

Promotion of contemporary textile crafts.

Related workshop programme.

Costume conversations - an oral history project.

School curriculum links:

  • History (local social history; history of fashion; Victorians; 1930s and second world war dress; development of textiles and techniques)
  • Geography (trade in woollen, cotton and silk cloths)
  • English (costume/social history related stories. Creative writing)
  • Science and Design Technology (development of printing and dyeing techniques; development of natural and synthetic textiles and their uses)
  • ICT (research fashion and textiles via our website)
  • Art and Design (use our collection for inspiration)

Facilities available

Libray and archive

The Devonshire Collection of Period Costume.

Museum shop.

Toilets and cafes are nearby.

Wheelchair access to ground floor shop only.

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Totnes Castle

Totnes Image Bank and Rural Archive.

The Guildhall

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