Finch Foundry

Finch Foundry

Finch Foundry is a doorway to Dartmoor's industrial past. Take a guided tour of Finch Foundry to experience the sights, sounds and smells of one of the South West's most successful edge tool forges, which at its peak produced around 400 tools a day.

Learn about the Finch family and the growth of their business through the 19th and 20th Century and its eventual decline and rebirth as a museum in the 1970s. Experience the waterwheels that powered massive hammers, giant shears and a huge sharpening stone and see it operated during the regular guided tours which can be booked via our website. Please check for operational status of the machinery before visiting to avoid disappointment.

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  • Staff hook blade

    The staff hook is designed to be hafted on to a long handle and used in a sweeping action similar to that of a scythe. Its primary use would be to clear undergrowth such as briar. To assist in this sweeping type action the handle/socket of the tool is slightly offset to facilitate this type of action. The tool is made by forging the plate bar into a semicircular shape then gradually hammering the blade down to an edge, whereby grinding and sharpening can be achieved. The socket is formed simply by folding to accommodate a handle. This example is stamped with the Finch Bro's logo. Features in the Finch Bro's catalogue, item no. 13.

  • Thatcher's shearing hook

    The shearing hook used primarily for trimming thatch, the handle is set above the blade to allow precise action. This example is stamped with the Finch Bro's name. Features in the Finch Bro's Catalogue.

  • Mole trap

    Spring-loaded, scissor-action mole trap, consists of two fork-like halves which are connected on a central pivot. A pressure ring is placed in the middle of the opened forks; when the mole disturbs the pressure ring while moving through its tunnel, the jaws snap shut, grasping the mole. The traps are set in mole run. They are made by a company called 'Defiance', and might have been bought for resale through Finch Foundry.

  • Drop Hammer

    Large water powered, overhead belt driven, upright mechanical hammer.

  • Band Saw

    Water powered, overhead belt driven, upright mechanical band saw.

Admission & prices

Ticket type: gift aid (standard)

Adult £9.40 (£8.50)
Child £4.70 (£4.25)
Family £23.40 (£21.25)
Family, one adult £14.10 (£12.75)

National Trust members free.

Open 22 March - 29 October, Wednesday to Sun 11am-4pm.

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  • Parking available
  • Toilets On-Site
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Souvenirs available, semi accessible toilets on site. disabled parking available. Pubs and cafe available within a short walk. Site is partially accessible to wheelchair users. Mobile and fixed hearing loop.

Finch Foundry
EX20 2NW

T: 01837 840046

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Finch Foundry

Finch Foundry

Okehampton, DEVON EX20 2NW