Letters Written By Ilfracombe Men 1914 1918

Added: 03 April 2015

At Ilfracombe Museum we have transcriptions of letters written by over 270 people who served during WW1. We are offering to send copies of all copies of all the letters written by a particular person in return for £5, to be sent to: Jane Dendle, Ilfracombe Museum, Wilder Road, Ilfracombe, EX34 8AF.

Some of the letter writers have also been Quoted in a book, "For Those That Come After Us" These have a hash after themIf you would like a copy of the book as well as copies of all the letters written by a person please send £10 to the above address. Don't forget to include your own address and the name of the person whose letters you would like. Cheques payable to Ilfracombe Museum, please.

This is pot luck, as some of the men were prolific correspondents, others only had a few lines printed in the local paper,but for each one we will also look throughour photograph collection, and, if if we have one will include a photo-copy of it.

                                    The Letter Writers

Leonard Abbott,# A.J.E. Armstrong,# W.J. Ashton. Bert Austin, George Bailey,# E. Balment, Charles Bamford, Fred Barbeary, Geoff Barbeary, J. Barbeary,# J Barrow, Fred Barwick, J. Barwick, Reuben Barwick,# S. Barwick, Ernest Bedford,# Fred Beer, S.G. Bengey, Walter Benham, Harry Blackford, Jack Blackford,# Ted Blackford,# Fred Blackmore, W. Blackmore, Jack Blake,# Phil Blake, Sid Blake, F. Bowden, R.J. Boyles, Stanley Bray,# Roddy Brooks,# Charles Brown,# H. (Bert) Bryant, Jack Bryant, Lewis Burfitt,# George Burgess, H, Burgess,# Percy Burgess, William Burgess,# William Cann,# W.Carpenter, W.H Champion, George Chapple, Tom Clark,# Lewis Coats, T.H. Coats, Fred Coles, Jim Coles,John E. Collins, Archibald Colwill,# F.C. Colwill, Reg Colwill, Artie Comer, Lewis Comer,# F.J Conibear, A.J. Cooke, Bert Copp, E.R. Copp, Jack Cornish,# S.J.Cowler, W.J.Cowler, L. Couch, James Crang, John Crang, A.E. Cutliffe, W.E. Dalling, C.R. Davey, H.M. Davey, W. Davey, George Davie, Jack Davie, James Dendle,# R.G. Derrick, F.Down, W.H Duggleby,# T. Dulling, T.Dyer,# H. Eames, D. Eastcott, Tom Edwards,# Frederick A. Ellis, Walter J. Ellis,# Jonah Evans,  W. Fisher, J.J. Forster, T.E Foster, FredFrost, George Frost, M.F. Frost,#  Frank Gant,#  W.J.Gear,# B. Geen, R. German, J. Gibbs, William J.Gibbs (Coldstream Guards),# W.J. Gibbs (Canadians), H.W. Grant junior,# H.W. Grant senior,# W.H.Groves, Bert Gumm,# Percy Gumm, R.J. Gumm, P. Harding,# T.H.B.Harding, F.J. Harris, George Hewitt,# Sam Hewitt, Tom Hewitt, Will Hewitt, Fred Hicks,# William Hicks, Bruce Hill, P.B. Hill, R. Hill, Jack Hollis, D. Hooper, A. Horrell, Tom Horrell, H. Houlford,#  Reg Howell,# E.W Hoyle, Harry Hussell,# Bert Hutchings, H.S. Huxtable, Will Huxtable (POW), William Huxtable (Western Front), Cyril Ireland, Thomas Ireland,# A.J Irwin, J. Irwin, Jack Irwin,# Kingsley Irwin, Cecil Isaac, Bartlett Jeffery, Cutcliffe Jeffery,# F.A. Jeffery, W. Jeffery, Gilbert Jewell, Alfred Johnson,# C.W. Johnson, Fred Jones, Walter Jones, F. Joslin, John Joslin, Herbert J. Karslake,# G. Kift, H.J. Kift Trooper Kift, Harry Klee,# Charles Knill,# Isaac Knill junior,# Isaac Knill senior,# Jack Knill, W.J. Lancey,# Edgar Laramy,# S.J. Lee, Wallace Lees,# Archie Lerwill, J. Lerwill, Frank List,# Charlie Lovering, Jack Lovering William Lovering, S. Macro, W. Mansfield, R.L Martin junior, R.L Martin senior, T. Meyrick, Claude Millman,# L. Millman, Stan Millman, Edwin Mock, Frank Moon, E.J. Mullen, Sidney Newcombe, T. Newland, Harry Parker, T. Parker,F.C. Parkin,# W. Parkin Charles Passmore, George Passmore, Stan Passmore, William Pedrick, W. Pennington, W. Popham, Henry Price, Phil Prideaux, Bert Pugsley, Robert Ralph, F.E. Redmore, Jack Redmore, F. Reed, Harry Rendle, F.T. Reynolds, Percy Richards,# James H. Robins,# H. Rogers, Reg Rogers,# Bert Rudd, Fred Rudd,# T.W. Rudd, J. Sanders , T Seaward, Sidney Shaddick, Jack Shambrook, A.E. Shapcott, Albert Sharp, W.G. Sims, Tom Skinner, Phillip Slade-King, F.P. Slocombe, Edgar Smale, Colin Smith, Edric Smith,# F.L. Smith, W.H. Smith, Charlie Smythe, Charlie Snow, C. Sollis, W.J. Stanbury, Will Stentiford, H. Stephens,  L. Stephens,# W, Street, W. Summerwill, A. Stanley Teeling, Ivan Teeling,# Gordon Teeling, W. Teeling, F.M. Thomas, W. Thomas, W.H. Tolman, A. E. Trathen,# F. Trengrove, G. Trengrove, A. Trump, F. E. Tucker,# Frank Tucker, Harold Tucker, H. Tucker, John Tucker, S.J. Tucker, T.B. Tucker, W.J. Tucker, W.K.Turner, F.H. Twiss, G.H. Vellacott, J.L. Vellacott, Stuart Vellacott, W.d. Vicary,Cecil Waldon, Henry Warman,#  E. Warwick, Sam Warwick, R.(Dick) Watts,# Albert Webber,# Wilfred Webber, George White, Reg White,# JIm Wilkey, Arthur Williams, George Williams, John Williams, Syd Williams, William Williams (sea), William Williams (Western Front), G.F. Wilson, E. Cameron Wood,# Bert Woollacott,# J. Woollacott, W.Woollacott,# J.G Wrighton, Eva Yeo, Kitty Yeo.