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The Story of Sidmouth's Long Print

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by local historian Julia Creeke

This lavishly illustrated book charts the fascinating story and history of the famous Panorama Print of Sidmouth’s Seafront and the families associated with the print over 200 years. Originally commissioned in 1815 by John Wallis, owner of the Marine Library, the original watercolour was drawn and painted by Hubert Cornish who was famous for his early paintings of the Indian sub-continent. It has been updated over the years to become a unique and important record of the landscape and social history of the charming Regency resort town of Sidmouth.

Since its publication more information has been discovered about the preparatory watercolours and this is explained in an addendum which accompanies the book.

Published 2013. 32pp A4 softback. ISBN 978-0-9512704-4-8

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