Torrington Museum

Torrington Museum

REOPENED, REFRESHED AND REVAMPED! Great Torrington Heritage Museum & Archive (Torrington Museum for short!) reopened after Covid in August 2021 with a fresh, modern look, new displays and new stories to tell. From the outside it may look tiny, but go through the door and you'll discover two floors and nine rooms packed with amazing things.

Visit our recreated shop and glove factory, follow the fortunes of a fictional family, the - sadly non-alliterative - Westcotts, from 1646 to the present and find out why Henry VIII's grandmother was linked to a 20th-Century vicar with artistic tendencies. Browse thousands of titles in our secondhand book & record shop - and it's free to get in!

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  • The Forge

    A selection of blacksmith's tools and implements recovered from a local village forge

  • Heating and Lighting

    From a 17th century cast iron fireback to a 20th century gas iron - a series of items related to heating and lighting, especially featuring a locally made cloam oven, normally unseen since these structures are built into a fireplace.

  • Railway Transport

    An exhibit of railway memorabilia related to the Torrington branch line, a victim of the Beeching axe!

  • Civil War display

    Come and see our display of the Civil War in Torrington which too place on the 16th of February 1646

Admission & prices

We're open Thu/Fri/Sat 11:3 (last admission 2:30) and entry is free, although we may charge for certain special events. It's best to check our website or, for the most up-to-date information, our Social Media. If you enjoy your visit and feel like leaving a donation... well, let's just say we're unlikely to refuse: donations are what funds our conservation work and every penny you give goes toward looking after our unique collections.

There's plenty of parking in 2 car parks close to the museum, one at the top of South Street and the other behind the Pannier Market.

We have a lift for any visitors who may not be able to use the stairs: just enquire at the Ground Floor Reception desk

Travel by bus is possible but a little complicated so please check the times at

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  • Toilets On-Site
  • Wheelchair access
  • Childrens activities

Family history information:

At present, due to an enormous project which will lead to the complete cataloguing and digitisation of our archive, we're unable to help with requests for information or access to it. That doesn't mean it's completely inaccessible but you're very unlikely to get a useful response. In time, our entire collection will be available online.

Great Torrington Heritage Museum and Archive
14 South Street
Great Torrington
EX38 8AF

T: 01805 938008

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Torrington Museum

Great Torrington Heritage Museum and Archive
14 South Street

Great Torrington, DEVON EX38 8AF