Monty Halls   My Family and the Galapagos and the Freedom Trails

Monty Halls My Family and the Galapagos and the Freedom Trails - Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery

16 January 2019 16 January 2019

When: 16 January 2019
Where: Gallery 20, Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Queen Street, Exeter, EX4 3RX
Time: 18:30 - 21:00
Cost: £16 early bird until 2 Jan, £18 full price
Suitable for: Any age, 18+

Wed 16 Jan. Bar 6.30pm, talk 7pm, £16 early bird until 2 Jan, £18 full price

To launch RAMM’s year of Migration we are delighted to welcome marine biologist and travel writer Monty Halls. Monty will be looking at how significant movement of people and animals around the world has shaped cultures and crafted civilisations. The talk will be illustrated by unseen footage from the Galapagos and throughout Europe, as well as stunning images taken over thirty years of global travel.

Monty says: “It's such a great pleasure to be doing a talk at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum - a special place in a special town (I speak as a proud Devon boy!). The theme is such a significant one as well - migration - as it is so directly applicable to my recent Channel Four series “My Family and the Galapagos” and indeed the one that preceded it - "The Freedom Trails. I applaud RAMM for celebrating and examining such an important and contemporary issue, and very much look forward to the event.”

Monty is an ex-Royal Marines Officer who on leaving the marines pursued a career in expeditions, travel journalism and biology. In 2003 Monty formed his own expedition company, completing four circumnavigations of the globe over the next four years, seeking out the greatest encounters in the ocean.

This brought him to the attention of television producers, being head-hunted as a competitor in the flagship Channel 4 show ‘Superhumans’, a test of elite performers, competing in a series of challenges devised by the QinetiQ testing centre. Monty won this competition, and was in demand to present further series for Channel 4, National Geographic, the History Channel, Channel 5, and the BBC.

He is best known for his three BBC2 series ‘Great Escapes’, where he lived on the west coast of Scotland and Ireland with his dog Reuben. He also presented the multi-award-winning series ‘Great Barrier Reef’. Monty has written several books, and is a regular contributor to magazines and newspapers, many of them communicating his enthusiasm for the natural world.

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