Rewilding: is it the future for Britain

Rewilding: is it the future for Britain - Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery

10 November 2019 10 November 2019

When: 10 November 2019
Where: The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery Exeter
Time: 3 pm - 4.30 pm
Cost: £10
Suitable for: Any age

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‘Rewilding’ is the latest buzzword in debates on the future of the countryside. Is it a pipe dream, doomed to fail in the face of our urgent need to put food on the table? Or can rewilding restore the soil, bring species back from the brink and ensure a long term (if radically different) future for our farms?

Join Isabella Tree, author of 'Wilding' and behind the UK’s most famous example of rewilding in practice and Dan Eatherley author of 'Invasive Aliens' and local ecologist, in conversation with Martin Wright, Chair of Positive News.

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