Ancient Egypt tour

Ancient Egypt tour - Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery

04 April 2020 04 April 2020

When: 04 April 2020
Where: The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery
Time: 12.00 - 14.00
Cost: £2.50
Suitable for: Family friendly

Sat 22 Feb and Sat 4 Apr, 12 noon and 2pm, £2.50

Join a 30-minute tour to explore our Egyptian collection and visit the tomb of Shep en-Mut.

Learn about the gods, religion and objects from everyday life, such as amulets, make-up and jewellery. Visit Shep en-Mut and view her cartonnage and coffin. Hear Shep en-Mut's story, learn about canopic jars, shabtis and much more.

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