Ashburton History Museum

Ashburton History Museum

Our aim is to tell the story of the beautiful stannary town of Ashburton and its surroundings through a lively collection of artefacts, pictures and displays. Our little Grade II listed building situated in the heart of the town, was at one time a brush factory and later a hair salon.

We are also lucky to have a genuine unique collection of Native American artefacts donated by the late Paul Endacott, whose father was born and raised in Ashburton but later emigrated to Kansas, USA. Ashburton used to have its own theatre, the building still exists today but is a private residence. There is lots to discover so why not pay us a visit.

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  • Agriculture

    There are many artefacts showing how agriculture has progressed over time. There is an interesting collection of tools from the 18th century onwards including peat cutting tools as well as these images of man and pole traps.

  • North American Indian artefacts

    We also have a collection of genuine unique Native American artefacts donated to the Museum by a prominent American, Paul Endacott, whose father was born and raised in Ashburton and later emigrated to Kansas, USA.

  • Fashion

    On the first floor there is an interesting lace collection much of it having personal conections with Ashburton families. Mrs Barling presented the museum with a party dress worn by her as a child and the yellow silk wedding dress was worn by Mrs Barrie, of East Street.

  • Industry

    There is a small display about the town mills and umber mining and items relating to wool processing which was once important in Ashburton.

  • Ancient Traditions - Court Leet

    Ashburton upholds the tradition of Court Leet developed as a means of ensuring standards such as sales of food/drink/agriculture were adhered to, Bread Weighers for verifying freshness/weight of bread sold and Ale Taster to ensure quality of ale & to check true measures.

Admission & prices

Opening Times:

May to September each year (by appointment outside of these times)

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm

Also open for special holiday and Ashburton Events: see Facebook page for details.

FREE Admission at all times.

Find us

We are located in the 'Bull Ring' area of the town centre. The museum faces North Street, at the junction with West Street and East Street.

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Ashburton is a small historic town with individual shops and tea rooms which are within an easy level walk from the museum.

In 1285 by a Charter of Edward 1st Ashburton became a Stannary Town - one of four in Devon.

Tin Mining has played a great part in the development of the town as has the Woollen Industry.

A lovely local museum, the only one within the Dartmoor National Park, is full of well displayed exhibitions of Dartmoor artefacts, local history and geology, posters, documents and Ashburton Worthies spread over 3 floors which help bring alive the local history and of course, the everyday townsfolk.

Not forgetting the unique Native American Collection bequeathed by Paul Endacott whose descendants originated from Ashburton.

Ashburton History Museum
1 West Street
TQ13 7DT

T: 0808 1203865

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Ashburton History Museum

Ashburton History Museum
1 West Street

Ashburton, DEVON TQ13 7DT