In the palm of your hand   make a protective hamsa hand

In the palm of your hand make a protective hamsa hand - Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery

28 May 2024 28 May 2024

When: 28 May 2024
Where: Courtyard, Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery
Time: 10:30 - 15:30
Cost: £3.50 per child
Suitable for: Family friendly

Join us to make and decorate your own hamsa hand out of clay, take it home and hang it somewhere to bring good luck and protection to you and your family.

Throughout history, possibly as far back as ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, humans have used the power of the ‘hamsa’ to protect them from evil. Many believe that the depiction of an open hand defends against the ‘evil eye’, others used it to protect pregnant women, or to strengthen the weak. It remains a popular symbol throughout North Africa and the Middle East today, and is often seen as a ‘good luck’ charm.

Whatever the hamsa’s exact origin, or the diverse meanings people take from it, these palm shaped amulets are items of exquisite beauty, carved or painted with intricate patterns, sometimes made from gold or silver, and often decorated with glittering jewels.

£3.50 per child – please buy your ticket from the Shop@RAMM on the day

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