The Museum Comes to Town!

The Museum Comes to Town! - Topsham Museum

19 January 2020 19 January 2020

When: 19 January 2020
Where: Matthews Hall, Fore Street, Topsham
Time: 1100 - 1500
Cost: None
Suitable for: Any age

A special free event at Matthews Hall, Topsham on Sunday 19th January.

If you haven't visited Topsham Museum on the Strand, this is your opportunity to have a look at some of the displays that we have.  We hope it will whet your appetite to visit the Museum when we re-open on Saturday 28th March 2020. 

Learn how the museum works and peruse the museum publications.  Find out how you could become involved as a volunteer in the many different activities that take place at the museum, or if you aren’t able to volunteer consider supporting the Museum by becoming a Member. 

We will be displaying some interesting old maps of Topsham.  At 2 pm there will be a talk given by volunteers from the Museum about them which will last about an hour. There is no need to pre-book seats.

We've used these old maps to locate the various Market Gardens in the town which are the subject of next year’s main exhibition.

Do come along and bring the family to have a look around and have a chat with us. We will be open from 11am until 3pm – so perhaps pop in during your Sunday walk. Coffee and refreshments will be available.

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