Arrival and installation of Brake Van

Arrival and installation of Brake Van - Bovey Tracey Heritage Centre

Added: 03 October 2010

On the morning of Sunday 3rd of October a new exhibit was delivered to The Bovey Heritage Centre.

It was a 20 ton GWR ‘Toad' brake van number 114906.

The pictures show various stages of the operation.

Preparations 1 to 4

The first picture shows the telephone cables being moved to give clear access for the crane, which was then moved into position and set up. The brake van on a low loader had arrived.

The truck waited until these preparations were completed, and then moved into position alongside the crane. Securing the lifting cables took some time; while adjustments and safety checks were carried out. The lift then began.

The Lift 5 to 9

Swinging and lowering the brake van on to prepared track. The crane swung the van over the 'Salt Glaze Kiln' in the car park until it was over the section of track which had been laid for it, it was then gently lowered into place on the track. The task was completed before one o'clock.

 A picture of the van in place will be found on our ‘Collections' page.

Pictures by: K Jarvis, K Lang, V Styles, M & T Wright.