Centenary of the Battle of Jutland   Topsham men

Centenary of the Battle of Jutland Topsham men - Topsham Museum

Added: 31 May 2016

Was your ancestor at the Battle of Jutland?

31 May 2016 marks the centenary of the battle, which lasted only 36 hours but its impact on the First World War was profound.

It was the most significant naval engagement of the First World War with over 100,000 sailors involved on some 250 ships. More than 6,000 Royal Navy and 2,500 German sailors lost their lives.

The names of Topsham men who fought at the Battle of Jutland are:

Albert John Kerby, Leading Stoker, HMS Bellerophone

Wilfred Charles Coles, Able Seaman, HMS Benbow

Albert James Pym, Chief Stoker, HMS Cordelia

Richard John Luxon, Petty Officer, HMS Marlborough

James Robert Murphy, Stoker, HMS Marlborough

Ernest Henry Nethercott, Able Seaman, HMS Morning Star

George James Ford, Petty Officer, HMS Revenge

Daniel Perkin Milton, Chief Petty Officer, HMS Revenge

Reginald George Rogers, ERA, HMS Tiger  

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