Dartmouth Museum loans ships to Southampton

Dartmouth Museum loans ships to Southampton - Dartmouth Museum

By: Dartmouth Museum
Added: 19 August 2011

We always knew our ship models were special! Three of our ships, HMY Britannia, the SS Strathallan and RMS Queen Mary, have all gone for a holiday to the Southampton Ocean Liner Experience at the Bargate Centre, Southampton. Initially the loan is for 1 year. The Southampton Ocean Liner Experience is a new exhibition of great British passenger liners, to run alongside the Cunard Queens Exhibition in Southampton.

This all happened when Glen Gardner, one of the project partners for the SOLE, (who was born and brought up in nearby Brixham), visited Dartmouth Museum recently and was impressed by the models, seeing immediately that they would enhance his exhibition. Dartmouth Museum's curator, Brian Langworthy, agreed to the loan and the models were carefully transported to Southampton.

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