Egyptian coffins catalogued

Egyptian coffins catalogued - Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery

Added: 15 June 2011

RAMM’s ancient Egyptian coffins and coffin fragments have been researched and a complete catalogue is now available online. The research was carried out by Dr Aidan Dodson of Bristol University as part of the Egyptian Coffins in Provincial Collections of the United Kingdom Project.

RAMM’s Egyptian coffins were donated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Using our archives of paper and photographic records, as well as studying the objects themselves, Dr Dodson has pieced together their stories. He has reinterpreted some items and put the objects in their regional and national perspectives. The results will be published in book format when he has completed the research in the Southwest.

Other research

Two other research projects, both by the University of Manchester, have benefited from RAMM’s ancient Egyptian collections being in store during the redevelopment and therefore more accessible for detailed study. One is investigating our mummified hawks, the other our mummified human remains.