HMS Terror

HMS Terror - Topsham Museum

Added: 06 July 2017

In the sail loft the HMS Terror display has been updated to show the finding of the wreck of the ship last year.

We have been extremely fortunate to secure a lecture by one of the foremost Canadian authorities on the Franklin expedition who is coming to UK to give a presentation at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich. He will then travel to a Topsham to give a lecture at Matthew Hall on Thursday 30th November.  A date for your diaries!

Did you know that......??

  • HMS Terror was one of the earliest ships to have double glazing
  • Her bows were eight feet of solid wood
  • She undertook the first deep-water oceanographic soundings and temperature recordings in 1840
  • She had a volcano named after her

Visit Topsham Museum to find out more.  A booklet is available from the Museum shop or online.

The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich is currently running a special exhibition about this ill-fated expedition, entitled  "Death in the Ice".  So if you happen to be in London this summer, do go there too and learn more about our famous Topsham-built ship and her sister ship HMS Erebus. . Click here for more details.