Picture Archive sample images going online

Picture Archive sample images going online - Dartmouth Museum

By: Dartmouth Museum
Added: 21 April 2012

At Dartmouth Museum we hold a remarkable collection of pictures. We're always happy to hold more, too, if they're relevant to Dartmouth. In our lobby there is a set of folders with reproduced pictures from our archive. The problem is that they look like a dusty old archive of folders. We also run a continuous display of pictures, changing pictures, on a screen in the lobby. Somehow our visitors walk right by, even when our volunteers point them out.

Horses, water and drinking! That has to be it.

Our job is both to preserve history and to make it accessible. With that in mind our web team has started to put sample pictures online as a first step in inviting folk in.

These are baby steps so far, but we're a volunteer organisation and it all takes the time and goodwill of our members. We'd love to get even better. To do that we need more folk to come through the door. Every visitor means we have a little more money to do something bigger or better.

The picture samples aren't all online yet. Over the next several days all will be completed, though, so pop back often.