Platinum Jubilee at Topsham Museum

Platinum Jubilee at Topsham Museum - Topsham Museum

Added: 31 May 2022

Jubilee Memories 

You will not remember the excitement of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, but many will remember our Queen’s Silver, Golden and Diamond celebrations in Topsham.  Come and see some memories of past jubilee celebrations in the tearoom at Topsham Museum and explore toys from the different eras.  Do you still have any royal celebration mugs?  The Museum holds a mug from George V Jubilee. 

For the Jubilee weekend the flower club are going to decorate the garden and gateway to the Museum. We are going to add bunting to these floral displays. As well as our famous cream teas and other refreshments, there will also be a free piece of Jubilee cake, so do come and get your piece before they run out!