Prizewinners Return

Prizewinners Return - Exmouth Museum and Heritage Centre registered charity 291311

By: Mike Menhennit
Added: 15 October 2022

Sennen and Roux Carroll, from Exmouth, who won the naming of the horse in our mural on 1 October with “Duke” returned to the Museum with their parents on Saturday 15 October to present  their paintings of their own horses, Billy and Teddy. The picture below shows them proudly showing off their paintings with Duke.

Their prize was a selection of quality artists' materials for Sennen and Roux and the Museum asked them to paint their own horses and present them to us for exhibiting in reception.

Duke will be looking out of his stable door until 29 October when the Museum closes for the winter months and he looks forward to seeing you - so why not bring him an apple or carrot and come and look around the Museum and see the paintings done by the prizewinners. Duke will be spending the winter months while the Museum closes, in the warmth of his stable inside with plenty of hay and winter food.
The museum would like to thank Gary Cook, the artist, Jewsons of Withycombe for the supply of materials for the mural, and everyone who supported this project on what has been a truly successful and memorable landmark in the life of the Museum.