Topsham Museum on BBC1's Bargain Hunt

Topsham Museum on BBC1's Bargain Hunt - Topsham Museum

Added: 31 March 2017

Topsham Museum had the excitement of hosting the team from Bargain Hunt recently . They were filming in Topsham and wanted to feature a local collection. With the finding of HMS Terror ( the second ship in the Franklin Expedition to find the North West passage) in the Arctic in September this was an obvious subject.

Local expert Ed Williams Hawkes fronted the feature which was filmed in the museum sail loft. The model of HMS Terror featured, together with the Day Book kept by Davey showing that Terror was indeed built in Topsham.

Experts Philip Serrell and James Braxton each guide two teams of bargain hunters around the quayside antique centre in Topsham. Amazingly, two teams proved they have similar tastes when they select almost identical Denby pots. But did they make the same profit at auction?