Twitter Feeds Repay Work

Twitter Feeds Repay Work - Dartmouth Museum

By: Dartmouth Museum
Added: 07 August 2011

Social Media is not an experiment at Dartmouth Museum, it\'s part of the reality of bringing visitors to the web site and thus gaining a circle of friends who will support the museum in whatever way they can. Twitter, the home of the 140 character conversation, is a hard medium to succeed in, and only time will tell with Dartmouth Museum\'s Twitter team, but it has been featured in the prestigious Museum Walk eZine for Saturday 6th August 2011.

The tweet about our Memories Page caught the editor's eye. And Museum Walk was tweeted out to the publisher, Caroline Halliwell's current followers, all 2,630 of them.

Obviously it would be improbable if more than two or three had visited Dartmouth! These are global followers. What we know for sure is that there are now at least 2,631 followers! We now follow Caroline!

We\'re certainly expecting increased web visitor numbers form the worldwide community. And a web site is just a part of the toolkit needed to bring visitors in.

Will we be tweeting this news item? You bet we will! And we'll mention @lacorbeau in the tweet.

We rather like Ravens.