Visitors and school visits

Visitors and school visits - South Devon Railway

By: John Brodribb
Added: 09 October 2016

The SDRT Museum at Buckfastleigh station is a popular destination for school visits. We often host groups studying World War Two, and what happened to children who were evacuated from cities. We can also help with railways, Victorians and inventors, and we can immerse the pupils in their chosen subject.

We are also a popular destination for members of the public who are having a day out on the South Devon Railway, and we can cater for all ages from small children to people who remember steam trains on British Railways.

However, if we have parties of school children taking part in our activities in the museum it means that we cannot open for the wider public. Before October half term 2016, this means that the museum will be closed to the general public on these days and times:

Wednesday 12 Ocober: 12.15pm to 4.00pm

Tuesday 18 October: 10.00am to 12.15pm

Thursday 20 March: 10.00am to 2.15pm

Friday 21 October: 10.00am to 12.15pm

Our normal opening hours in the off-peak season are 10.00am to 4.00pm, and we will be open during these times unless noted above.

This information will be updated as necessary. Thank you for your understanding of the situation.