Yes you may take photos in Dartmouth Museum - Dartmouth Museum

By: Dartmouth Museum
Added: 31 May 2012

As part of our Yes You May policy, Dartmouth Museum has changed its policy on non commercial photography and videos in the museum. Effective immediately you may take pictures and may take videos. The dusty fusty era is gone for ever.

We do ask that you don't use flash. Modern digital cameras can cope with low light. And we also ask you not to use a tripod, or monopod or similar rest. Why both of these things? Well, flash spoils the experience for other visitors and tripods trip them over. We also ask you not to hog an exhibit. That's fair all round.

If you're going to publish your work online please link to our web site at and credit the fact that you took your pictures in the museum. No, it's not compulsory, but it's a nice thing to do

Commercial pictures and videos can be arranged by appointment. We just ask you for an appropriate donation.