Fit for Purpose!

Fit for Purpose! - Totnes Elizabethan House and Museum

By: Richard Wyatt
Added: 26 January 2012

After the intense stress of his involvement with the multi-million pound renovations at Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Freelance Consultant Kevin Jones could be forgiven for putting his feet up for a bit! However, he's answered the call from Totnes Museum, to come and see what he can do to prepare just one display case for a very special up-and-coming exhibition.

Those of you who have been following our story about finding a 'missing' ring will know that we are hoping to have the pair re-united in the town this summer. These are gold and painted enamel 17th century rings with great historical value. One has been on display in Totnes Museum for years without the whereabouts of the other ring being known.

Turns out it had ended up on display at the V&A  since 1968, and it is that world-renowned Institution that is letting us borrow their ring - subject to all the necessary checks. It  would bring the rings together for the first time in the town since they were presented by the Town Corporation to the two daughters of a rich local benefactor in the 1640's.

Kevin may well be re-lining the case in which they will be displayed and generally sprucing things up for what we hope will be a very special summer during which Totnes Museum celebrates it's 50th birthday!

Pictured in the Bennett Room, where the exhibition will be held, is L to R, Freelance Museum Consultant, Kevin Jones and Kristin Saunders - who 'manages' the Collection.