Devon transport

These Devon museums have transport-related objects in their collections. Select a museum to find out more, including their opening times (which may be seasonal), how to find them and what else is in their collections.

  • Ball Clay Heritage Society

    Ball Clay Heritage Society

    Newton Abbot

    The Society was formed in February 2000 to further understanding of the geology, occurrence and properties of the ball clays of Devon and Dorset and to preserve the history and heritage of clay production, transport and use, To that end, the Society is assembling an irreplaceable collection of artefacts, store of archive materials and a range of photographs, films and videos.

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  • The Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon

    The Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon


    Our new extension includes a new temporary exhibition space, community gallery, learning room, brand new shop and Bromleys tearooms (named after the historic tearoom on the Strand in Barnstaple).

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  • The Valiant Soldier, Buckfastleigh

    The Valiant Soldier, Buckfastleigh


    The Valiant Soldier is an amazing place.

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  • Dartmouth Museum

    Dartmouth Museum


    Dartmouth Museum is a small, fascinating and interesting museum housed in an atmospheric old merchant's house, built in approximately 1640.

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  • Thomas Newcomen Engine

    Thomas Newcomen Engine


    Thomas Newcomen (1664-1729) designed and installed the first practical and successful steam engine, used initially for pumping water out of coal mines.

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  • Holsworthy Museum

    Holsworthy Museum


    Open from Easter 2022 The museum is housed in part of a building which is in itself a museum piece; a small manor house dating from the 17th century which was used as a parsonage in 1724.

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  • Kingsbridge Cookworthy Museum

    Kingsbridge Cookworthy Museum


    In the Old Grammar School you find an historic building, a range of collections and a local history archive.

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  • Newton Abbot Town and GWR Museum

    Newton Abbot Town and GWR Museum

    Newton Abbot

    The museum now lives inside Newton's Place, a beautifully restored and adapted nineteenth century church.

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  • The Merchant's House

    The Merchant's House


    A Jacobean merchant's house, home to the famous Elizabethan privateer, William Parker.

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  • Park Pharmacy Trust

    Park Pharmacy Trust


    The trust has its headquarters in Thorn Park Lodge, Thorn Park, Plymouth.

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  • Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life

    Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life


    Explore the museum's large, outstanding collections and trace the fascinating history of Mid Devon.

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