Devon geology

Find out more about Devon's geology at these museums. Select a museum to find out more, including their opening times (which may be seasonal), how to find them and what else is in their collections.

  • Ashburton Museum

    Ashburton Museum


    In 1285 by a Charter of Edward 1st Ashburton became a Stannary Town - one of four in Devon.

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  • Ball Clay Heritage Society

    Ball Clay Heritage Society

    Newton Abbot

    The Society was formed in February 2000 to further understanding of the geology, occurrence and properties of the ball clays of Devon and Dorset and to preserve the history and heritage of clay production, transport and use, To that end, the Society is assembling an irreplaceable collection of artefacts, store of archive materials and a range of photographs, films and videos.

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  • South Molton and District Museum

    South Molton and District Museum

    South Molton

    Discover the true spirit of the characters from South Molton's past, through the exhibits and interactive displays.

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  • William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust

    William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust


    A small collection of artifacts and bones recovered from the caves at Buckfastleigh Devon and interpretation of the geology and speleology of that area.

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